Tuesday, September 29, 2009

And the winner is...

So, I guess you want to know who won their choice of a Target, Starbucks, or Amazon gift card...right?

Well...I tried that random generator thingy (random.org) and came up with an answer (number 2), but try as I may I couldn't get blogger to let me post a pic of it on my page (like all the big time bloggers do) so I gave up and just posted the winner.

Without further ado...

The winner is...

She (pic below) left me the sweetest comment: Congrats on big #50!! What a fun blog you have. I am now a follower (so glad you found me, so I could find you!) What a fun giveaway! Thanks for doing this!!

Pop on over to New Every Morning and check out her cute blog. She has some of the coolest ideas around.


Like this cute headboard she and her hubby made from scraps. 
(LUV me some beadboard!!!)

Or her sweet girls room. 
(Like I told her...can't let my daughter see this pic, she will want her room changed.....AGAIN!)

With the awesome memory board and flip flop wall decor.
(Too cute if you ask me!)

Anyway, pop on over to her space and tell her Congratulations!!!

Now for the disclaimer...I said I would let my daughter do the drawing, but sweet miss Gloria at Happy to Be said I should try out the random generator, so I took her advice. I let Crimson pick a number and she picked number 2 as well. It must have been fate!

I have a bunch of ideas for posts, so hopefully I'll get to the 100th post a lot quicker than it took me to get to my 50th! I'll talk about that more tomorrow...

Time for me to get to work. Have a wonderful Tuesday!!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

It's a Monday!

Hello all!

It's definitely a Monday! Nothing has went right today!

I'm really wishing I could crawl back into my big bed with my soft blue Egyptian Cotton sheets and fluffy comforter.

Turn on Lifetime and watch some mushy movies...

with my iced sweet tea on the nightstand.  Unfortunately, I have to work for 4 more hours. (Gotta love being able to blog at lunch though!) (And...at least I have a job!) Then I'm going to go home and crawl into that soft bed and take a nice cat nap.

The giveaway is still going on. You have until 6:00 pm today to enter! (By the way...that's central standard time) So, click here, and let me know whether you want the Starbucks, Target, or Amazon gift card...

I will post the winner's name tomorrow!!!

Till then,

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Faith

My family and I attended a friend's church this morning. We have been looking for a church home. Some of the churches we have attended were nice, but there was always something we didn't like. Well, the church that we went to this morning was amazing. It was almost like attending a concert, because the whole congregation got into the singing and the sermon was awesome! I posted this video because I absolutely love the meaning behind it. We sang it this morning and the whole time I was smiling! It really makes you think! I hope you have a wonderful church home!

If you haven't entered my giveaway yet, click here! It's definitely worth it!!!

Happy Sunday!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Flower Pens? A Tute

Good Morning bloggy land!

I am constantly loosing pens at work. People come in my office and use them and then they mysteriously disappear. So, I came up with a solution! Flower pens. 

To make these, you will need a small terra cotta pot, at least 6 silk flowers (more if you would like), ink pens of your choice (I used the cheap Papermates. They were $0.98 for a pack of 10), some type of stone (I used small ones that look similar to dirt. You could probably use coffee grounds, they would make your office smell yummy...if you like coffee.), floral tape, regular clear tape, and ribbon (sorry, didn't get a pic of the ribbon roll).

First remove the leaves and cut the stem of the silk flower. If you look in the picture below, I cut it about an inch from the tip of the pen. 
 After you have it cut to the length you need, attach it will clear tape.
Then, starting at the writing end of the pen, begin wrapping the floral tape around the pen. You may have to make 2 layers, in order to cover the pen completely.

After you have all your flowers attached to pens, you may want to make some "leaves." I used the same concept to make them. Tape leaves to a pen, then wrap the floral tape around the pen, until it is completely covered.

Decorate your terra cotta pot.

Pour the stones in the pot and begin to add pens.

Once all your pens have been added, it should look similar to this.

Here's a view from the top.
Now you have a gorgeous bouquet of flowers for your desk. On top of being pretty, they are functional. The floral tape make be a little sticky at first, but after a couple uses, that goes away. I find that the floral tap makes the pen soft and comfortable to use. (Plus no one will steal them!!!)

If you haven't already entered my giveaway, you can do so here.

Have a fantastic Friday!!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

50th Post and a GIVEAWAY!!!

I know, 2 posts in one day...crazy isn't it?? But, this is seriously good news....

This is my 50th post!!!
I can't believe it's taken me 9 months to get to it! LOL!
Maybe I should have some type of
Yeah, I knew that would get your attention!

I think I'll give away, hmm, let me see...
how about your choice of a Starbucks, Target, or Amazon gift card?

Now for the stakes. You have to be or become a follower and you have to leave a comment. Blog about me on your page, let me know and you'll get 2 chances.

If I get 50 followers, the 50th follower will get a special prize!

Edited to add: you will have until Monday at 6:00 pm to enter the giveaway. My daughter will draw a name or names on Monday night and I will post the winner(s) on Tuesday!!!

Good luck!!!!

Room Remix

Kimba at A Soft Place to Land just introduced me to the cutest blog. I can't believe I haven't found this one before! Check out these pics and then scoot your booty on over to Room Remix.

 By the way, if you aren't a follower of A Soft Place to Land, you are seriously missing out....go check her out as well!!!

(All pics are from Room Remix, credit to the original sources are listed on her page)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Let us pray! ...and some sad news

I love this video! I heard this song on the radio (WayFM)this morning and it just made me smile! They were discussing the "Meet you at the Pole" rally today! Did your kids meet at the pole to pray this morning?

As for the sad news...2 of my cat's kittens died this morning. (Including the sweet little one that I was falling for.) There are 2 left and one of those isn't acting right. My hubby and I have been wondering if their mom has been feeding them, for the last week. We haven't seen her nursing at all lately, but assumed she was just doing it while we were at work or sleeping. I tried feeding the 2 that are left this morning, the sick one wouldn't take the bottle, but the one that still seems healthy was gobbling it down. Hopefully, the 2 left will still be alive when I get home. Please pray for my sweet kitties.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Trying out Live Writer

I found a link to Live Writer on Between Naps on the Porch. It seems like a pretty neat program. It only took a few minutes to download and now I can blog anywhere, even if I don’t have access to the internet. I can post it later. The coolest thing about it is that it looks like you are typing right on your page. The background looks just like your blog instead of the blogger blank screen. So far so good!

Since I’m on my laptop instead of my desktop, I don’t have any pics to post. I’ll make up for it in my next post, I promise!

Have a great Sunday! Hopefully, yours isn’t as rainy as mine!

Friday, September 18, 2009


I was so excited last night! The Sushi kit I ordered from walmart.com came in on Wednesday, so we were able to make it at home!!! If you love sushi, this kit is awesome! It was only $13.97! It came with 4 sets of chopsticks, 2 dipping bowls, 4 chopstick rests, a book of recipes and directions, sushi press and sushi rolling mat. The box was designed nicely too. It has drawers to get to the different items. (The table you see behind the box is one we are currently working on. It's gonna be gorgeous! Can't wait to show pics!)
Ignore the blurriness (Is that a word?) of the pics, but here are a couple shots of what we made. I'm not sure what "kind" of rolls these were, we just put the ingredients we wanted in them...crab, avacado, carrot, and cucumber.

This is Crimson's plate. This was her first attempt at making sushi. Isn't the little roll cute?
Her first time eating sushi too...she didn't really care for it. LOL!

Have a great Friday!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Miss Photogenic

The pageant went well last week. Crimson won Miss Photogenic and placed in the top ten. Here are a few pics. (Sorry they're so small. I stole them from my Facebook page. ha ha)

Here she is answering her "question." They asked her "What are some lessons you have learned about life?" Her answer: "Learn from your mistakes, do not make the same ones again. And, listen to your parents, they have reasons for what they say." (No, I didn't pay her to say that!)

After receiving her plaque...

All the winners...the girl in the red dress won "Pre-Teen Miss Fairest of the Fair." Crimson is on the far right.

Here she is with her flowers and plaque. "Dickson County Miss Photogenic Pre-Teen Miss Fairest of the Fair 2009"

After cheerleading is over, I'll get back to my home projects. As for now, I'll just enjoy all of yours!
Have a great "day before Friday"!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The dress

Thought I would give you a little peek of what I've been working on. This is my daughter's pageant dress for the Pre-Teen Miss Fairest of the Fair Pageant on Friday night. I will post more pics after the pageant.

By the way, happy 09-09-09!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

New plate holders

My mother-in-law just surprised me with these beautiful brass plate holders. I'm not sure if i'll leave them brass or paint them the heirloom white I keep seeing all over blogland, but I had to share them with you! Aren't they just gorgeous? Now, to find the perfect plates to put in them...guess I'll have to go shopping!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


GeoTagged, [N36.17551, E87.34447]

Hello all. I hope you're having a great week.

The new moma cracked me up today and I just HAD to blog it. Ever since my cat had her kittens, it seems like she can't get enough to eat. We just bought a new bag of dog food. My hubby poured it in their (my cat will only eat puppy chow) food container and walked away to throw out the bag. He turned around and this was what we saw...