Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Monday!

Hey, it's me...just popping in to say hi.

We spent the weekend working on our old house, not the one I currently live in, because we will have someone living there soon. Tonight we'll be working on it some more. Tomorrow night, Crimson and I will be sending out sponsorship letters, but Wednesday I'll be back to blogging.

I hope you all had a wonderful and safe weekend.

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Crimson's AMTC audition

I am finally able to upload pics! I'm so happy! My computer still has a mind of it's own, so ignore the fact that these first few pics are out of order....oh, and the fact that they were taken on my cell phone.

This is Carey Arban. She is the owner of AMTC. She came up to Franklin, TN to be at the auditions. We are lucky because most of the auditions had scouts, but didn't have Carey. It was awesome to get to meet such a wonderful person. She is a very Christian woman. You can tell from everything she says and does! It's great to know we will be involved with such a great company!

Now for the videos I keep promising you...

The first one is after we got home from the audition. I screwed up and accidentally deleted her singing at the audition. I was trying to tape it on my cell phone. It cut off halfway through her song so I tried to start recording again to get everything else and I accidentally deleted it! My baby girl was sweet enough to sing the song for me again. She just didn't smile much... 

Anyway, the second video is what I did manage to catch of the actual audition. You will see part of her song and then her do the model walk. Unfortunately, I don't have the video of her commercial. It was soooooo cute.  Obviously, right? She wouldn't have been called back!

I hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think!

God works in mysterious ways!!!

So...I got home last night, all ready to upload pics and a video of Crimson's audition computer crashed! It literally died!!! We managed to get it rebooted and I think it's working again, but my video card went ka-put! If you're wondering how I'm on here now...I'm at work. Anyway, I'll try again tonight. I really want to show you pics!!! I hate saying I'm sorry again, so I won't. But...I will get the pics and video on here somehow...just be patient!

On the subject of my blog...I must say that God works in mysterious ways!!!! I know you all know this, but I just get cold chills when I think about what has happened in the last few days. I'll tell you a little about it now and then post more later. (Don't want to get in trouble for "playing" on the internet at work! I am at lunch, so it's sort of okay...) We signed Crimson up for her AMTC trip on Sunday afternoon. Yes, she was selected to go, but we still have to pay for it. It's kind of like a national pageant. If you get chosen locally, you get to compete but you don't get out of paying the national pageant fees. By the time we get done paying all the convention fees, hotel, travel expenses, buying her clothes, having photos done, etc...we could buy a pretty decent used car. So, we put the deposit down on the convention fees and signed up to make monthly payments. We have to have the whole thing paid in full by Dec. 1 to go in January. My hubby and I make pretty decent money, but this is still a lot to have to pay for...when we weren't planning on it. We are definitely going to be pinching pennies for the next few months. So, what does this have to do with God working in mysterious ways? We received a check in the mail yesterday. It was a reimbursement for overpayment on a bill from 4 years ago!!!! We didn't even know we had overpaid. The check covered the downpayment amount plus a little! You can only imagine how this felt! I was in tears! Happy tears! Granted, we still have a lot to come up with, but it made me think we were going in the right direction. You see, AMTC is a christian company! AMTC stands for Actors, Models, and Talent Competition, but it also stands for Actors, Models and Talent for Christ!!! Check it out here... I truly feel that God led us to them. Crimson has wanted to be a singer/actress for soooooo long and now, all of a sudden, everything seems to be falling in place.

Thank you Lord!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Crimson's audition went well!

Hey all!

I haven't forgot you! It has been very crazy the last few days. Crimson's audition, on Saturday, went really well and she was called back! We had to go in on Sunday afternoon for orientation and to sign documents. She will start her training classes this Saturday. I'll post more about it either this afternoon or tomorrow. I promised a video and you will definitely get one, along with a few pics.

This has turned into a blog about Crimson, so I think I will start another blog about her "path to stardom." That way, I can get back to my "designs" on this one. At any rate...just be patient with me. Our life has always been crazy, but I have a feeling the craziest part is yet to come! They told us she will make an amazing actress! We shall see!

Back to the "job that pays the bills," I will "talk" to you again soon!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day to the loves of my life...

Happy Valentine's Day! This morning will be spent at an audition with my daughter. This evening will be spent at a Predators game with my hubby. So, while I have a minute I want to tell you why I love them both so very much!

To my hubby...

I love you because... no matter how I look, you say I look beautiful.

I love you because... you cook dinner every night...even when you don't feel good.

I love you because... when I say I need find a way to get it for me.

I love you because... I am happier when I am with you.

I love you because... you always know how to make me laugh.

I love you because... you put up with me when I'm "moody."

I love you because... you support me in every venture I set out on. (even if it's a crazy one and I just got through doing something else crazy!)

I love you because... you have the cutest smile in the world.

I love you because... you save that smile for me.

I love you because... you have been with me through so many terrible things and it has only made us stronger.

I love you because... life wouldn't feel right without you in it.

I love you because... when you hold me, all of the insanity in the world goes away.

I love you because... your touch tells me everything is okay.

I love you because... you tell me you love me everyday...many times a day.

I love you because... we still have cute little "inside" jokes.

I love you because... everyday I find out something new about you.

I love you because... everyday I figure out that I love you more than the day before.

I love you because... without you...I wouldn't be me.

To my daughter...

I love you because... you mean the world to me.

I love you because... when you say you love me, it makes my heart melt.

I love you because... when you smile, the world smiles.

I love you because... you have a tender, caring heart.

I love you because... you want to make a difference in this world.

I love you because... you tell me I'm the best mommy in the whole world, even when you're not trying to talk me into something.

I love you because... your sweet hugs are worth more than money could buy.

I love you because... you're still innocent and you don't know anything different.

I love you because... you are a part of me.

I love you because... it's amazing to see life through your eyes.

I love you because... no matter how aggravated I get with you, you want to make me happy.

I love you because... you always draw me pictures or write me stories.

I love you because... you are my special girl.

I could go on and on about how much I love my family. Writing this list made me realize how much I really do love them and how lucky I am to have them in my life. I truly hope you have someone special in your life. It makes life worth living.

Happy Valentine's again. May your day be special and full of love!



Friday, February 13, 2009

Crimson's dress and a Valentine's surprise

Good evening!

I thought I would give you a peek at Crimson's dress. Forgive me for the sideways computer just doesn't want to work with me. I am sooooo ready for a new one.

You will get to see pics of her wearing it soon enough. Tomorrow's the big audition! I will take plenty of pics and post them. That will most likely be Sunday. I'll try to get the video up that day as well.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Life is still crazy life is still crazy. Crimson is still practicing for her audition and I still haven't had time to finish any projects.

Crimson did make a "bird feeder" for 4-H. Here she is decopodging the milk jug.

And...putting heart stickers on it.
We managed to make it to the Predators vs. Red Wings game Tuesday night. Would you believe this was the only pic I took of the players?
The other pics were of my hubby and his best friend. See them in the middle of the ice girls???

If not, here's a better pic...them on the megatron! They were chosen to play the "Name that Tune" game. My hubby is the one on the the navy tee shirt. Jason is the one on the far left, wearing a jersey and a Preds and white. Jason won the game and they both received "Predators prize packs."

The Preds lost, but it was still really exciting to be there.
Back to winning...I forgot to tell you. My hubby signed us up for a ticket giveaway during the Super Bowl. We found out last Thursday that we were one of the first 100,000 people to sign up. So...we won!!! It was a 7 day pass to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure in Orlando, FL. We went there the last 2 summers. It's an awesome theme park!
Okay, time to go home and get to practicing again.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Love my Predators Hockey!

This is where I'll be tonight...
Can you say...Let's go Predators??? I'm so excited. We love going to the Preds games, but have never been to one against the Red Wings...they usually sell out or are so expensive that we can't afford the tickets. We got a really good deal on the seats ($25.00 a piece) and the money we spent on them went to the Open Arms charity! So not only are we going to an AWESOME game, but helping a great organization. What could be better? If you hear a train whistle around 7:00 c.s.t. tonight...know it's me and my "Too Too" whistle!

Crimson is taking the night off from practicing her song. I think she is getting a little frustrated with herself, anyway. She is a perfectionist when it comes to singing. It drives her crazy when she misses a note or the song doesn't sound right to her. I was the one telling her to quit worrying about it and just sing...she can't be perfect at 9 years old! (By the way, I thought it sounded fine! But...that's just my opinion.) She has the runway walk down pat. She even has this cute little wink she does as she turns to go back up the runway. It is super sweet! Of course her monologue is killer as well. I think she was destined for stardom! :) (!)

Monday, February 9, 2009

The perfect material...

Wow! What a weekend. It seems like it went by in a blur. I spent most of the day on Saturday at Hancock Fabrics looking for the perfect material. Didn't find it.

Why was I looking for the perfect fabric? Well, I needed to make the perfect outfit. You beautiful Crimson has an audition this coming Saturday, Valentine's Day. She will be auditioning for the chance to attend the Actors, Models, & Talent Competition in Orlando. You can click here if you want to know more about AMTC. Basically, if you want to "make" it in the entertainment industry, this is where you need to be. It's crazy that she has to audition to be able to go, just to audition in front of a bunch of talent scouts. She wants to be a "pop star," but an actress or model would work for her! Back in December she auditioned for a talent placement company called Advantage Models and Talent. They loved her and asked her to come on board. She has been in piano and choir for a couple years and she took voice lessons last summer. Since she hasn't had formal modeling or acting classes, she will start them at the end of February.

Okay, back to the worldwind of a weekend. After we gave up on the perfect fabric, I decided to set out for the perfect outfit. Found it!!! It was at Goody's. I hate that they're going out of business, but love it that her $40.00 dress was 50% off!!! I have to hem it and make a slight other alteration, but it will be super cute, when I'm done. You see...I found this perfect dress in the Jr. Miss Department and since my beautiful Crimson is a petite thing, the dress is too long! The neckline is a little too low cut as well.

Last night was spent practicing her runway walk, her monologue, and her song. She is just too cute. Once we get it down, I'll post a short video. Believe me, at only 9 years old...she is amazing! I was going to post some of her headshots, we had done back in the summer...unfortunately, my computer doesn't want to work with me today so they uploaded very small. I gave up and posted one of both of us.
I loved reading all your posts about Blissdom. I so wish I could have been there. It sounds like it was a lot of fun! If I'm a little sketchy on the the blog posts this week, please forgive me. Helping Crimson practice is my main concern. Well...have a wonderful rest of your Monday! I'm getting ready to go home from work. Too bad I have to go to Wal-mart before I get to go home, but at least I'll be one step closer to the house.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Crimson - Name Hanging

Crimson wanted to have her name on her bedroom wall. I found these cute wood letters at Hobby Lobby. They were $1.99 each normally, but we bought them at 50% off!!! Again, I forgot to take a pic before I started. I remembered after the primer, so here they are primed. They were originally light colored wood.After the primer, we had to paint them black. You can see one of the shelves I painted black, so why not paint them while I'm waiting on the shelf to dry? Crimson wanted to help...She actually did have fun doing this. See the smile on her face? (You have to forgive me about the dishes...we had just finished eating. I hadn't put them in the dishwasher yet.)Here they are painted black. They are cute, but still need a little something...

**see my note below

Ah hah! Cute tissue puple and lime green. With a little turquoise thrown in. We may not use the turquoise...doesn't fit in with the's just cute! Here they are all "prettied" up. The "It's a girl thing" wall hanging is one of our "inspiration" pieces for her room. You know how she loves the lime green and purple...with a little black thrown in. I still need to go back over the "S" with another layer of tissue paper. The black doesn't show through...until after the glue dries! I haven't decided yet, if I'm going to string them on coordinating ribbon or if I will just hang them up as they are. I'll have to wait until we get the room painted and see how they look, I'll post a pic once we decide.Here is a close up of the painted flowers. This was my first attempt at painting flowers. I think it looks better in the pic above. Not so sure about this close up...A close up of the "inspiration." Sorry it's fuzzy...I am still trying to figure out my camera. It just wouldn't focus on this.

There you have it. Crimson's name...all spelled out. She absolutely loves it! Generally, the only thing we can find with her name on it is University of Alabama stuff. You know? Crimson Tide? We are Bama fans, but that's not where her name came from. We were trying to find something that went along with our last name...Rose. Some of the names we were thinking of were Scarlett, Violet, and Snow. Then my dear hubby said "Crimson!" Isn't it just perfect...Crimson Rose?

Speaking of my dear hubby. He's sick today. He is one of those people who never gets sick. So when he does, it's usually pretty bad. He has something along the lines of a cold or a sinus I had last weekend, but he also has a stomach virus. He was up all night, last night. I feel so bad for him. First I was sick, then my daughter got hurt and now he's sick! I keep telling myself that stuff like this usually comes in 3's. This will, hopefully, be the end of it, for a little while. Please keep him in your prayers. I can't have my man down, I don't know what to do without him!

**By the way, the table above is another of my hubby's creations! I told him I needed a crafting/sewing table. So...he built me one. It is 4' wide by 8' long. He tappered the corners so I wouldn't bump into them. I'm clumsy! It is covered with lineolum. He said it would clean up easy and withstand wear and tear better than a painted top. He's right! No matter what I spill on it, it cleans up easy! I love my hubby!!! I'm sure you'll see more pics of it in the future. I rearranged my craft room this weekend so I could use it more...oh and all the projects I am working on...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Yum...Blackberry Cobbler

I have one true (food) weakness. It comes in the form of a dessert! If you can't tell by the picture or the blog's Blackberry Cobbler. Of course, it's not complete without the scoop of vanilla ice cream.

I'm sure you're wondering why I would be posting about blackberry cobbler?'s not because I made some...I can't cook(at least not this).'s not because I want to tempt you with it...I'm not that mean. It's because I am back on a diet! I started last year about this time. I was at 218 pounds and got down to 185. I'd like to get down to 165. (I am 5'11") any good girl, I went back on the diet. I say went back on it because I was using a little help in the form of a prescription weight loss medicine. I only gained about 5 lbs over the holidays and I haven't been on the meds since September of last year. My 10 year high school reunion is in August! OMG...did I just say that? UGH! Anyway, I would like to be at my goal weight by then.

Please wish me luck!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Still working on the island

We're still working on my kitchen island, but look...I now have a shelf on the bottom! My hubby cut it and nailed it in. I just have to prime and paint it. It's going to be wonderful when it is completely finished.

Now I'm off to paint the island...have a wonderful day!

Meet the Newest Member of the Rose Family

I'd like you to meet the newest member of the Rose Family...our new fur baby, Bear. Look at the sweet little black and brown puppy. His mom was a mix between a pomeranian and a chichuaua. His daddy is a dachshaund. I hope he stays little...I'm betting he won't, though.

While we're at it...let me introduce you to my other fur babies. The beautiful brown doxie below is my Goddess Athena. (No, she is not the mommy or daddy of the puppy...just my first puppy love!)
Now for some kitty is my ninja cat...Tootsie! (Persian mix) She was named after Jordin Too Too of the Nashville Predators. Have I told you that we are HUGE hockey fans? She wasn't very happy that I took her pic. When I called her name, she looked up at me asking "what do you want?"
Another pic of my sweet Athena and little Bear! (Do you see the bricks on the floor? There was a fireplace there at one time, but that's a whole other story! Maybe I'll blog about it one day...)
Ahh...little Bear! On top of my new island...sorry hubby! I didn't use the flash...didn't want to hurt his eyes. Thanks for stopping by. I'm sure Athena, Tootsie, and Bear were glad to meet you! Now if we could only have another people baby...yet again...another story.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Pay it forward.

Happy Groundhog's Day!!!

Okay, so I am not doing the best at posting daily. I do good during the week and then the weekend goes by so fast, I don't realize I haven't posted until it's over! I am going to try harder this week!

My daughter is doing fine. I didn't take her to the hospital last Thursday and she survived. The cut still looks bad, but it didn't get infected or anything and it stopped bleeding that night before she went to bed. I'll try not to go into panic mode if it ever happens again.

I am trying to get in touch with the people that commented on the Pay it Forward game. I posted about it last week. The first person who won didn't want to play so, before I post the winners, I'm going to wait to hear back from the others. Here's a recap...

The first 3 people to comment today are going to get a special handmade gift from me. In return, you have to post a comment on your blog about the Pay it forward game and the first 3 people to comment on your blog get a special handmade gift from you! It doesn't have to be expensive and you can take up to a year to make/mail it to them. It's just nice to win something. I won from Special Occassions and I really want to pay it forward! (If you don't want to play, please state that in your comment.)

Hopefully, I will hear back from my winners soon. Until then...Happy Monday!