Wednesday, February 18, 2009

God works in mysterious ways!!!

So...I got home last night, all ready to upload pics and a video of Crimson's audition computer crashed! It literally died!!! We managed to get it rebooted and I think it's working again, but my video card went ka-put! If you're wondering how I'm on here now...I'm at work. Anyway, I'll try again tonight. I really want to show you pics!!! I hate saying I'm sorry again, so I won't. But...I will get the pics and video on here somehow...just be patient!

On the subject of my blog...I must say that God works in mysterious ways!!!! I know you all know this, but I just get cold chills when I think about what has happened in the last few days. I'll tell you a little about it now and then post more later. (Don't want to get in trouble for "playing" on the internet at work! I am at lunch, so it's sort of okay...) We signed Crimson up for her AMTC trip on Sunday afternoon. Yes, she was selected to go, but we still have to pay for it. It's kind of like a national pageant. If you get chosen locally, you get to compete but you don't get out of paying the national pageant fees. By the time we get done paying all the convention fees, hotel, travel expenses, buying her clothes, having photos done, etc...we could buy a pretty decent used car. So, we put the deposit down on the convention fees and signed up to make monthly payments. We have to have the whole thing paid in full by Dec. 1 to go in January. My hubby and I make pretty decent money, but this is still a lot to have to pay for...when we weren't planning on it. We are definitely going to be pinching pennies for the next few months. So, what does this have to do with God working in mysterious ways? We received a check in the mail yesterday. It was a reimbursement for overpayment on a bill from 4 years ago!!!! We didn't even know we had overpaid. The check covered the downpayment amount plus a little! You can only imagine how this felt! I was in tears! Happy tears! Granted, we still have a lot to come up with, but it made me think we were going in the right direction. You see, AMTC is a christian company! AMTC stands for Actors, Models, and Talent Competition, but it also stands for Actors, Models and Talent for Christ!!! Check it out here... I truly feel that God led us to them. Crimson has wanted to be a singer/actress for soooooo long and now, all of a sudden, everything seems to be falling in place.

Thank you Lord!!!

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Happy To Be said...

Oh girl that is so wonderful and Yes God does work wonders for us...have a safe and blessed day dear friend...Now get back to work..hugs and smiles Gl♥ria