Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Crimson's audition went well!

Hey all!

I haven't forgot you! It has been very crazy the last few days. Crimson's audition, on Saturday, went really well and she was called back! We had to go in on Sunday afternoon for orientation and to sign documents. She will start her training classes this Saturday. I'll post more about it either this afternoon or tomorrow. I promised a video and you will definitely get one, along with a few pics.

This has turned into a blog about Crimson, so I think I will start another blog about her "path to stardom." That way, I can get back to my "designs" on this one. At any rate...just be patient with me. Our life has always been crazy, but I have a feeling the craziest part is yet to come! They told us she will make an amazing actress! We shall see!

Back to the "job that pays the bills," I will "talk" to you again soon!

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Grand Occasions said...

I was wondering how things went. Can't wait to see pictures. Did you get her room finished? We need pictures of that too. Just thought I'd say hello. I'll be back when I can visit longer.