Thursday, February 12, 2009

Life is still crazy life is still crazy. Crimson is still practicing for her audition and I still haven't had time to finish any projects.

Crimson did make a "bird feeder" for 4-H. Here she is decopodging the milk jug.

And...putting heart stickers on it.
We managed to make it to the Predators vs. Red Wings game Tuesday night. Would you believe this was the only pic I took of the players?
The other pics were of my hubby and his best friend. See them in the middle of the ice girls???

If not, here's a better pic...them on the megatron! They were chosen to play the "Name that Tune" game. My hubby is the one on the the navy tee shirt. Jason is the one on the far left, wearing a jersey and a Preds and white. Jason won the game and they both received "Predators prize packs."

The Preds lost, but it was still really exciting to be there.
Back to winning...I forgot to tell you. My hubby signed us up for a ticket giveaway during the Super Bowl. We found out last Thursday that we were one of the first 100,000 people to sign up. So...we won!!! It was a 7 day pass to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure in Orlando, FL. We went there the last 2 summers. It's an awesome theme park!
Okay, time to go home and get to practicing again.

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Liz said...

That milk jug is SUCH a cute idea!