Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Love my Predators Hockey!

This is where I'll be tonight...
Can you say...Let's go Predators??? I'm so excited. We love going to the Preds games, but have never been to one against the Red Wings...they usually sell out or are so expensive that we can't afford the tickets. We got a really good deal on the seats ($25.00 a piece) and the money we spent on them went to the Open Arms charity! So not only are we going to an AWESOME game, but helping a great organization. What could be better? If you hear a train whistle around 7:00 c.s.t. tonight...know it's me and my "Too Too" whistle!

Crimson is taking the night off from practicing her song. I think she is getting a little frustrated with herself, anyway. She is a perfectionist when it comes to singing. It drives her crazy when she misses a note or the song doesn't sound right to her. I was the one telling her to quit worrying about it and just sing...she can't be perfect at 9 years old! (By the way, I thought it sounded fine! But...that's just my opinion.) She has the runway walk down pat. She even has this cute little wink she does as she turns to go back up the runway. It is super sweet! Of course her monologue is killer as well. I think she was destined for stardom! :) (again...my opinion...lol!)

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