Thursday, February 5, 2009

Crimson - Name Hanging

Crimson wanted to have her name on her bedroom wall. I found these cute wood letters at Hobby Lobby. They were $1.99 each normally, but we bought them at 50% off!!! Again, I forgot to take a pic before I started. I remembered after the primer, so here they are primed. They were originally light colored wood.After the primer, we had to paint them black. You can see one of the shelves I painted black, so why not paint them while I'm waiting on the shelf to dry? Crimson wanted to help...She actually did have fun doing this. See the smile on her face? (You have to forgive me about the dishes...we had just finished eating. I hadn't put them in the dishwasher yet.)Here they are painted black. They are cute, but still need a little something...

**see my note below

Ah hah! Cute tissue puple and lime green. With a little turquoise thrown in. We may not use the turquoise...doesn't fit in with the's just cute! Here they are all "prettied" up. The "It's a girl thing" wall hanging is one of our "inspiration" pieces for her room. You know how she loves the lime green and purple...with a little black thrown in. I still need to go back over the "S" with another layer of tissue paper. The black doesn't show through...until after the glue dries! I haven't decided yet, if I'm going to string them on coordinating ribbon or if I will just hang them up as they are. I'll have to wait until we get the room painted and see how they look, I'll post a pic once we decide.Here is a close up of the painted flowers. This was my first attempt at painting flowers. I think it looks better in the pic above. Not so sure about this close up...A close up of the "inspiration." Sorry it's fuzzy...I am still trying to figure out my camera. It just wouldn't focus on this.

There you have it. Crimson's name...all spelled out. She absolutely loves it! Generally, the only thing we can find with her name on it is University of Alabama stuff. You know? Crimson Tide? We are Bama fans, but that's not where her name came from. We were trying to find something that went along with our last name...Rose. Some of the names we were thinking of were Scarlett, Violet, and Snow. Then my dear hubby said "Crimson!" Isn't it just perfect...Crimson Rose?

Speaking of my dear hubby. He's sick today. He is one of those people who never gets sick. So when he does, it's usually pretty bad. He has something along the lines of a cold or a sinus I had last weekend, but he also has a stomach virus. He was up all night, last night. I feel so bad for him. First I was sick, then my daughter got hurt and now he's sick! I keep telling myself that stuff like this usually comes in 3's. This will, hopefully, be the end of it, for a little while. Please keep him in your prayers. I can't have my man down, I don't know what to do without him!

**By the way, the table above is another of my hubby's creations! I told him I needed a crafting/sewing table. So...he built me one. It is 4' wide by 8' long. He tappered the corners so I wouldn't bump into them. I'm clumsy! It is covered with lineolum. He said it would clean up easy and withstand wear and tear better than a painted top. He's right! No matter what I spill on it, it cleans up easy! I love my hubby!!! I'm sure you'll see more pics of it in the future. I rearranged my craft room this weekend so I could use it more...oh and all the projects I am working on...

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Melissa Miller said...

That is just the prettiest!
I love your daughter's name as well. I've never heard it used as a first name before. Lovely! :)