Friday, September 18, 2009


I was so excited last night! The Sushi kit I ordered from came in on Wednesday, so we were able to make it at home!!! If you love sushi, this kit is awesome! It was only $13.97! It came with 4 sets of chopsticks, 2 dipping bowls, 4 chopstick rests, a book of recipes and directions, sushi press and sushi rolling mat. The box was designed nicely too. It has drawers to get to the different items. (The table you see behind the box is one we are currently working on. It's gonna be gorgeous! Can't wait to show pics!)
Ignore the blurriness (Is that a word?) of the pics, but here are a couple shots of what we made. I'm not sure what "kind" of rolls these were, we just put the ingredients we wanted in them...crab, avacado, carrot, and cucumber.

This is Crimson's plate. This was her first attempt at making sushi. Isn't the little roll cute?
Her first time eating sushi too...she didn't really care for it. LOL!

Have a great Friday!!!

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