Tuesday, September 29, 2009

And the winner is...

So, I guess you want to know who won their choice of a Target, Starbucks, or Amazon gift card...right?

Well...I tried that random generator thingy (random.org) and came up with an answer (number 2), but try as I may I couldn't get blogger to let me post a pic of it on my page (like all the big time bloggers do) so I gave up and just posted the winner.

Without further ado...

The winner is...

She (pic below) left me the sweetest comment: Congrats on big #50!! What a fun blog you have. I am now a follower (so glad you found me, so I could find you!) What a fun giveaway! Thanks for doing this!!

Pop on over to New Every Morning and check out her cute blog. She has some of the coolest ideas around.


Like this cute headboard she and her hubby made from scraps. 
(LUV me some beadboard!!!)

Or her sweet girls room. 
(Like I told her...can't let my daughter see this pic, she will want her room changed.....AGAIN!)

With the awesome memory board and flip flop wall decor.
(Too cute if you ask me!)

Anyway, pop on over to her space and tell her Congratulations!!!

Now for the disclaimer...I said I would let my daughter do the drawing, but sweet miss Gloria at Happy to Be said I should try out the random generator, so I took her advice. I let Crimson pick a number and she picked number 2 as well. It must have been fate!

I have a bunch of ideas for posts, so hopefully I'll get to the 100th post a lot quicker than it took me to get to my 50th! I'll talk about that more tomorrow...

Time for me to get to work. Have a wonderful Tuesday!!!!

1 comment:

New Every Morning said...

I am SO excited about winning your wonderful giveaway! Wow, and a whole post (with pictures!) I almost feel ... famous! ;)

Of course I'll have to choose Starbucks to feed my addiction

THANK YOU, thank you for hosting this amazing giveaway. I never win anything. After just getting back from a loonngg road/camping trip, this is a super 'welcome home'!