Friday, September 25, 2009

Flower Pens? A Tute

Good Morning bloggy land!

I am constantly loosing pens at work. People come in my office and use them and then they mysteriously disappear. So, I came up with a solution! Flower pens. 

To make these, you will need a small terra cotta pot, at least 6 silk flowers (more if you would like), ink pens of your choice (I used the cheap Papermates. They were $0.98 for a pack of 10), some type of stone (I used small ones that look similar to dirt. You could probably use coffee grounds, they would make your office smell yummy...if you like coffee.), floral tape, regular clear tape, and ribbon (sorry, didn't get a pic of the ribbon roll).

First remove the leaves and cut the stem of the silk flower. If you look in the picture below, I cut it about an inch from the tip of the pen. 
 After you have it cut to the length you need, attach it will clear tape.
Then, starting at the writing end of the pen, begin wrapping the floral tape around the pen. You may have to make 2 layers, in order to cover the pen completely.

After you have all your flowers attached to pens, you may want to make some "leaves." I used the same concept to make them. Tape leaves to a pen, then wrap the floral tape around the pen, until it is completely covered.

Decorate your terra cotta pot.

Pour the stones in the pot and begin to add pens.

Once all your pens have been added, it should look similar to this.

Here's a view from the top.
Now you have a gorgeous bouquet of flowers for your desk. On top of being pretty, they are functional. The floral tape make be a little sticky at first, but after a couple uses, that goes away. I find that the floral tap makes the pen soft and comfortable to use. (Plus no one will steal them!!!)

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Have a fantastic Friday!!!!


Darla said...

All of our schools and businesses do this. I love them!

New Every Morning said...

What a great idea! I need to do this at home... my favorite pens always walk away. =)

santamaker said...

Awww...Cute, CUTE, cUtE !!!