Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Let us pray! ...and some sad news

I love this video! I heard this song on the radio (WayFM)this morning and it just made me smile! They were discussing the "Meet you at the Pole" rally today! Did your kids meet at the pole to pray this morning?

As for the sad news...2 of my cat's kittens died this morning. (Including the sweet little one that I was falling for.) There are 2 left and one of those isn't acting right. My hubby and I have been wondering if their mom has been feeding them, for the last week. We haven't seen her nursing at all lately, but assumed she was just doing it while we were at work or sleeping. I tried feeding the 2 that are left this morning, the sick one wouldn't take the bottle, but the one that still seems healthy was gobbling it down. Hopefully, the 2 left will still be alive when I get home. Please pray for my sweet kitties.

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Darla said...

It is always sad to lose an animal.