Monday, May 23, 2011

Ruffled onesie

I've been searching for baby projects ever since I found out I was having another girl! I have quite a few saved on my camera, but I came across one today that I just had to make right then!

I found it on the Jessa Jill blog. This page specifically. She made a cute onesie for her niece. I took the idea and made my own version. This is not a tutorial. Jessa does a great tute on her page. This is just my version...

Using the fabric from this old shirt of my older daughter. She outgrew it a couple years ago, but I just loved the material. I cut 4 strips, about an inch wide from the bottom of the shirt.

$3.00 white onesie from Wal-mart... (I bought quite a few of these not to long after getting the positive on the preggo test. I knew I'd be making something for my sweetness!) 

Here's my trusty Distinctive ruffler foot. LUV it!!! I made the three ruffles in about 15 seconds, but if you don't have one you can always ruffle your fabric by hand. Jessa tells you how on her blog. Just click the link above!

And my amazing Brother sewing machine, it's the 6000i...LUV it too! Bday present from the hubby last year! Probably the best bday present ever! (Of course, I actually ordered it...he just gave me the okay!) 

I made 3 strips of ruffled fabric. 

Then sewed 3 of the strips to the bum.

The last strip I used to make a rolled flower and sewed to the neckline. You can Google a rolled fabric flower and find all kinds of tutorials. I basically figured it out on my own. It's super easy!

I love how it turned out! I am excited to see our sweet Scarlett wearing it!

Of course I had to make the older daughter something too. I used the very bottom edge of the old shirt to make a ruffle around her new skirt. (Do you have a pair of jeans that still fit in the waist, but too short in length? Cut them off and make a skirt!)  It turned out super cute as well. 

I think I may have to put my two girls in their matching outfits and take a pic....hmmmm?

I still have some of the old shirt left. I think I'll make a matching hair bow for Scarlett...not sure what else.

Just 13 weeks +/- till we meet our little sweetness! 

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