Thursday, May 26, 2011

Zebra print chair and throw pillow

My daughter told me she wanted to redo her room recently. She wants to go with a Paris theme. We started looked on the web for ideas. She picked out zebra print and hot pink as her colors. Since we wanted to do the refab on the cheap, I decided to use an old chair we had and redo it. 

So, I turned this:

Into this:

The chair was a $4.00 find at a local thrift store. $4.00 people! The finished chair looks exactly like some I found online for HUNDREDs more!!!! It's been sitting in my office, just waiting for the right makeover....about 3 years! LOL!

I'm not even going to attempt to do a tutorial on how I recovered it, but basically I painted the arms and legs with Valspar satin black. Used a plush microfiber zebra print fabric, purchased at JoAnn's, to cover it. I basically draped, cut, glued and sewed until all the old orange fabric was covered. The cushions were in great condition, so I felt no need to remove them. 

The pillow on the other hand, I will explain how I made it. 

I have a bunch of pillows around the house. Not really sure how I accumulated so many, but I have a closet full of them. I took one...

Measured a section, to a size the daughter and I liked, and started cutting.

I never realized how dense the cotton stuffing is in a pillow until I had to cut through it. I actually had to cut across it a couple times before the 2 sections separated. I kept the other section for another project. (Post coming soon)

Using a whip stitch, I sewed the end of the pillow back together.

This hot pink satin fabric was also purchased at JoAnn's. I measured the pillow and cut the fabric large enough to fit around the pillow, plus a 1/2" for a seam allowance. Sewed 3 sides closed and put the "pillow" inside. Using a hidden stitch, I closed the 4th side.

I then cut 1 inch strips of the same hot pink fabric and created rosettes. For the larger rosette I used 2 strips of fabric. For the smaller ones, I only used one strip. 

You can find tutorials all over YouTube explaining how to make these rosettes. However, if you'd like me to post a tutorial, just let me know. 

I attached the rosettes by sewing them on. You could use hot glue, but since this was going in a 12 year old's bedroom, I figured they needed the extra strength.

And the finished pillow.

I'm actually a little jealous. I am in love with this chair! Think I may have to make something similar for my bedroom. Hmmmm????

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Ricki said...

Wow, that looks fantastic!