Sunday, May 22, 2011

A little time off

Hello bloggy friends!

I know I have been bad not updating on here, but a little surprise is kicking my booty! We found out in January that after over 10 years of wishing, hoping, and praying we finally are expecting a second child!

I am 25 weeks along. Our sweet baby GIRL is due September 2, but my doctor plans to take her around 39 weeks. So sometime around the end of August, I'll be making another announcement. :)

The first four months of this pregnancy was horrible because of morning sickness. The last 2 months have been better, but I'm still exhausted. Even with all that, I have been working on quite a few projects. Now that I'm getting my energy back, I'll be posting again. Be looking for handmade crib and bassinet bedding. Lamp makeovers, room decor, etc... Lots of fun posts and tutorials coming your way.

Thanks for hanging around!

A. Rose

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