Monday, August 30, 2010

Rustoleum vs. Krylon - ORB


I’m sure you’ve seen ORB (Oil Rubbed Bronze) all over the web-o-sphere by now. I love looking at it’s shiny brownish black shade and how it turns the mundane into the magnificent. After searching for months for the Rustoleum version, I gave up and bought the Krylon brand. (HUGE mistake) Luckily, I found a can of Rustoleum before I had a chance to use the Krylon. (I’m going to say *R* and *K* from here on)

In a recent bathroom remodel, (this will be a post when the bathroom is finished) I chose to spray paint the fixtures instead of buying new.

Not that chrome is bad, (you may be into that sort of thing) I just don’t care for it anymore. Here are my victims:


And here is the glorious *R* in all her beauty: ( You can just hear the angels singing…ahhhhhh) 


Here are the marvelous afters:

IMG_9947  IMG_9953 IMG_9949

IMG_9950 IMG_9952 

No, I don’t generally fold my toilet paper like that…you’re just special.

 IMG_9954 IMG_9956

I forgot to take before pictures of these, but you can just imagine a brushed chrome light switch cover and a funky blue register cover.

And so I can show you why I like *R* better than *K*:


I sprayed this gold basket with the *K*. The can is actually sitting to the left of the basket.

It came out looking like this:


A glossy black! Now, if I were going for “black” this would have been fine. The paint went on easy, good coverage, no problems there. I just DON’T like the color!!! Why did I use the *K* instead of the *R* to finish my bathroom project? Because, I ran out of the *R* and can’t find anymore!!! (Rustoleum if you’re reading this, we seriously need more of the ORB in my area!!!)


This should give you a better idea of the two colors. The toilet paper roller is in *R* ORB and the basket is in *K* ORB. Do you SEE the difference?!?! Insane isn’t it? Both are ORB and yet they are two TOTALLY different colors!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze and would use it again and again. In fact, if I find some more, I’m going to repaint the basket. Would I use the Krylon Oil Rubbed Bronze again, yes…if I want something to look black. If I want it to look brown…It’s Rustoleum all the way!

**For the legal stuff: I was NOT compensated in any way for this review…however, I’d be more than happy for Rustoleum or Krylon to provide me with some paint for a future project!!!

Hope everyone is having a great Monday! Time for me to get back to sewing!

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New Every Morning said...

Thanks for the heads up! I love how the bathroom fixtures turned out.

How's the leg, by the way? My husband did almost the exact same injury while hunting 3 years ago. Broke both bones and crushed the ankle. Your x-rays look like twins... metal and all! I know what a long recovery it can be. Praying for you!