Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pencil Holder


I went in my daughter’s room the other day. She had pens and pencils laying everywhere! In my craft room I use old soup cans to wrangle my scissors, pencils, markers, etc… I figured it was time to make her something to wrangle hers…

I had some fabric and ribbon left over from this project:


So I gathered my supplies (soup can – washed and dried, fabric, scissors or rotary tool and mat, glue gun, glue sticks, lighter and ribbon) then got to work:


Basically, I just hot glued and wrapped the fabric around the can. Then hot glued and wrapped the ribbon around the top and bottom, covering the edges of the fabric. When I cut the fabric, I made sure I had a little extra to fold over the top. This covers any sharp edges that were left when you opened the can.

I had to add a cute bow to finish it off.


Quick tip: you can heat seal the edges of the fabric just like you would heat seal the edges of the ribbon. Using a lighter or candle, run the edge next to the flame. Make sure you don’t hold it to close or for too long…fabric can catch fire a lot easier than ribbon.

My daughter LOVED it. I think the best part was seeing her smiling face when she realized it was for her!




Lisa said...

So cute! My daughter is a pen, pencil, marker, colored pencil, any kind of writing/artmaking supply kind of girl! She loves different kinds of containers for her supplies. I will be sure to show her this. It's so nice (from the mom's perspective) to make then something they love! Have a great day!

New Every Morning said...

You're so creative!

danielle @ take heart said...

love this!