Thursday, October 15, 2009

More birthday goodness...

Yesterday, I told you about the sweet gift my hubby bought me. You can read about it here. When I got home, we exchanged more gifts. The first thing I opened was a car charger / battery booster for my iPhone. I know a phone charger doesn't seem like much, but anyone that has an iPhone knows...if you use the internet on it for very will run the battery down. I tried to find a pic of the kind he bought online, but wasn't able to...and I threw the box away, but it's pretty neat. You can plug your phone into it to charge in the car, or pull the booster off and hook it into your phone on the go. It's like having a back up battery. Really cool invention!

He also got me an assortment of Ghiradelli chocolates. I LUVVVVVVVVV Ghiradelli chocolate. It's the most creamy sweet indulgance you can find. (Especially the caramel kind!) Talking about them makes me wish I had brought a couple to work with me. Oh well, they will be waiting for me on the coffee table when I get home!

I should also mention that before he found the cool iPhone charger, he had bought a plain ole' car charger for me. So..he gave it to me and told me I could take it back and get myself something else. I'm thinking about one of those purse organizers...

In case you're wondering what I got the hubby...remember yesterday was his birthday too. Well, besides the ginormous hunting blind, I also gave him a chef's hat and chef's apron. (He has been talking about going to culinary school, which I wish he would. He is an amazing cook!) He wanted this little chopper scooper uper thing too, I'm not sure what you call it, but I bought one for him. Last, but not least, I gave him some money. He was very happy!

I joined our church choir last night. Let me just say WOW!  I was in the choir in school and at the church I grew up in, but that's been over 10 years ago. I have sang karaoke and solos at a friend's church, but not in a choir setting since high school. I figured out that I'm going to have to do breathing exercises before next week's practice. I'm not sure how many people are in the choir, but I know there are definitely over a hundred. It's truly amazing to hear them sing. I'm so proud to have been asked to join! Crimson will be joining the children's choir, she starts Sunday night. Wish her luck!

One last thought...there are only 70 days until Christmas!!!!!!

Happy Thursday!
A. Rose

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Steph @ somewhatsimple said...

I was loving this post til you mentioned there were only 70 days left til Christmas!!! I can't believe it, that will be here before I know it!