Tuesday, October 20, 2009

a la Rose'

Okay...I'm going to brag a little here...my hubby really spoils me. He has to be the most amazing cook in the world! (are far as all the cook's that I have had the pleasure of trying their food)

We went out to eat at this upscale restaurant on Friday night. My upscale and your upscale may be different, but we're talking around $40 a person. The ambiance of the restaurant was great...nice music, candle lit, nicely appointed tables, and they asked if you had a reservation when you walked in the door.
Since we were having a date night, we were in the mood for a nice romantic meal.
This restaurant seemed to fit the bill, until...
It took forever to get our food. The "warm biscuits," they served with butter, were cold. The dishes that they brought with the biscuits, had specks of something green on them....they weren't clean. When we finally got our main dish, my "seasoned to perfection" rare rib-eye steak was medium to medium-well and did not taste like it had any seasoning on it. I put A-1 on top of it and still had to dip the steak in A-1...that's how not seasoned it was. Hubby got a pan-seared mahi mahi that absolutely had no taste at all. You didn't know you were even eating seafood!

We went in expecting something amazing. Everyone raved about how great the new restaurant was and how the head chef trained in France. There was even a write-up in the local paper about her.
I can easily say...we won't be back!

Back to the part about me being spoiled...I was so disappointed about this restaurant. We wanted to have this nice date night, but after we got our food all we could talk about was the food. I told the hubby that he could have cooked a much better meal and we could have bought all the stuff to make the meal we were eating, plus the dishes we were eating off for less than the $80.00 we were spending on dinner.
Hubby took this as a challenge!

The next day we purchased the square white dish set I had been eying for a while. Then, we went grocery shopping and bought all the items to make our fabulous meal. Last night, hubby cooked it!

Oh!!! It was aMAZing!!!! We had grilled steak, sautéed mushrooms and sweet onions, steamed and sautéed asparagus, sweet potato cakes, pan seared tilapia, and last but not least mussels in a tomato garlic sauce! I loved every single bite!!!!

Just look at these pics...doesn't it just make you hungry thinking about it?

Ahh the smell...wonderful!!!

Plus, I got my dishes!!!! They're pretty too, right?

As for the title of today's post... a la Rose', well hubby has been thinking of starting his own restaurant and/or going to culinary school, for a while. I think he needs to start one or the other. A cook this amazing, needs to share his food with the world...or at least our little part of it! I thought a la Rose' would be cute, what do you think?

Hope you have a fantastic Tuesday!


Jamie said...

Looks good, all but the mussles, not a fan of those. He should go for his dream.

New Every Morning said...

Wow! I'm impressed! Looks delicious.
Way to throw the dishes in with the deal!

Phyllis AROUND THE HOUSE said...

I have to say the same, everything looks so good, you are making me so hungry...I had a nice visit, I will return, come for visit