Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to...

Today is my birthday. I'm not going to say how old I am. You can read yesterday's post and figure it out if you really need to know.

At any rate, I had to tell you about my awesome birthday present. Normally, the hubby and I don't exchange gifts. If we see something we want we just buy it (or talk ourselves out of needing it.)
This year we decided we would get each other gifts. We've spent so much on our daughter that we felt like it was our turn.  I didn't ask for much. I told my hubby that there was this really cute purple alligator wallet/clutch I wanted. I told him how much it was, which store it was at, and even the place in said store to find it. I didn't expect it since the hubby runs in the opposite direction everytime I go to the "girlie" section, but I put it out there just hoping.

I told hubby, last night, that we should wait until after work today to swap gifts. He agreed. The reason I said that was because I bought him a hunting blind (that he so casually suggested he needed everytime we walked by it in Wal-mart.) and the box was just way too big to wrap. I put the box in his truck last night after Crimson's cheerleading practice. (After I told him we'd exchange gifts after work.) I figured this way, he'd never expect to get it this morning. It worked! He was surprised!

Now back to my clutch...I get up this morning to a note on the dining room table. Hubby had already left for work.  It stated that "he was sorry, but he had already did this before I told him we'd swap gifts after work" it was laying beside a new pair of know the kind that you would flip steaks on a grill with? Well if you know me at all, you know I don't like to cook. I'll do it if I have to or if hubby is sick, but as a general rule hubby does the cooking. I'm sure you are just as confused as I was. I picked up the tongs, waiting for something to magically click and there be some hidden message in them...nothing!

The hubby had called before I woke up, so I called him back. He begins the conversation with..."I thought we were going to wait." Obviously referring to the huge box in his truck. I'm like yeah, we were...what's with the tongs. He laughs! I'm like...what? He says look in your purse!   So I did and...

Said alligator wallet/clutch is tucked under a few other things in my purse! I know this is just a wallet to you. It didn't cost much and you may not even like purple, but the fact is...hubby had to go to the "girlie" section to get it. That's a HUGE accomplishment in my book!

We have other gifts to exchange this evening. I have no idea what he has for me. Like I said, the only thing I asked for was the wallet, but I see a day after bday post coming.

I hope your Wednesday is sunny and great! (It's really rainy here!)

Hugs, A.Rose


Tootsie said...

how sweet....can't wait to see what he gives you!

New Every Morning said...

Awww! How fun! I love it when my hubby goes the extra little bit to show how much he cares.

Happy Birthday!!