Sunday, July 11, 2010

Adult t-shirt to kids t-shirt

I have seen lots of shirt re-fashions on my favorite blogs lately. So, I had to try my hand at it...

The first shirt I did was an old white tank top. I don't remember what it was made out of, but after one wash it shrunk about 10 sizes!

I cut the seams off each side and pinned it so I knew where to cut.

About every inch, I made a cut. The cuts were about an inch and a half.

Then I went through and tied all the sections together.

You could get your kid to help at this point. Mine was to busy playing.

She tried it on and it fit perfectly.

She had to wear it to school the next day!

Since that one worked out so well. We decided to make another...

She had a cute herringbone skirt that didn't fit anymore. Since I couldn't bear to let the material go to waste. I cut the ruffle off the bottom, (to save for another project) and cut the top part into strips. This skirt had shorts under it. (I guess it's technically called a skort) So, I left the band around the top. Now she has black shorts with a herringbone belt. The shorts are fine to play around the house. The skirt was just to short for my liking.

Using an old black t-shirt, we cut straight down the middle this time and tied like before.

I made fabric rosettes out of the herringbone material and attached them at the neckline.

She loved this shirt, too. (sorry for the bad pic, it was really late)

I even had enough fabric to make a rosette for her hair.

Crimson really liked this project more than the white t-shirt. I showed her how to make the fabric rosettes and she made some to put on her flip-flops. (that's another post)

One of the greatest joys of blogging, is finding new projects to do. I literally have a craft room full of projects just waiting on me to finish! :)

Hope you have a great day and find something creative to do!


Jennwith4 said...

Very cute!

Holly said...

Really cute! What a clever idea and way to save those (many t-shirts that shrink way too much!).

LOVE the herringbone rosettes...great use of a great fabric.

504 Main

PS - Check the typo in your title...shirt is missing an "r" to make it a, well, you see.