Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hello world

Time for another update...

I go back to the doctor next Wednesday. I'm doing really good pain-wise and am able to move my foot and ankle without causing too much pain. Hopefully, the doctor will give me the okay to start putting weight on it and/or start physical therapy. I am beyond ready to start walking again.

Our house survived the floods, but my husband's work was completly flooded. He has been wearing haz-may suits and wader boots to work since Saturday. They are trying to clean everything and rebuild within 6 weeks. If you haven't heard about the flooding in Tennessee, just go to YouTube and search for Nashville floods. It's heartbreaking!

I have been working on some small projects, but can't wait to get back in my craft room. After my blogging hiatus, I plan to come back with more home improvement projects, sewing projects, and an etsy shop. I think I may even have a new look for the blog.

Hope everyone else is doing well. Please check in and let me know I haven't run you off yet.


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