Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday Tute: Memory Board

I have seen memory boards all over the blog-o-sphere, not to mention at stores everywhere. I decided to create my own.

Since I'm trying to be a good blogger...I took lots of pictures!

First, get a piece of sturdy cardboard. You can use a piece of plywood if you'd like, but the cardboard is easier to work with.

Wrap the cardboard in batting. I used some clearance "snow" from last year's Christmas section at Wal-mart. Since my batting was thin, I used 3 layers. You can make yours as "fluffy" as you would like.

Using what I have...I just stapled the batting to the cardboard.

I have to show off the gorgeous material I used...

Wrap the material over the batting and staple to the cardboard. It doesn't have to be perfect. You will be covering the back a little later.

Here she is all wrapped up.

Then using different lengths of ribbon, you will begin your crisscross.
I used the handy dandy stapler again.

Keep going until you get the look you like. If the ribbon isn't in the exact place it should be, just pull the staples out and move it. Easy peasy!

Once you have all the ribbon in place. You will need to sew down each point where the ribbon crosses. I just knotted the end of the thread, stuck it through and tied it off tightly in the back. You could probably staple down the points, if you'd like.

Just because I like to be girly, I found these itty bitty bows in the same ribbon at JoAnn's. A little bit of hot glue from my trusty glue gun stuck them to the points.

I attached a length of ribbon to the top of the memory board to hang it. Then I made a pretty bow with my Mini-Bowdabra and attached it to the middle of that ribbon. ie: the area that would hang on the nail...at the wall.

Then I took glue gunned down fabric to the back of the board, covering all the raw edges.

Here is a close up of the pretty, itty bitty bows.

And there you have it...the gorgeous memory board.

Hopefully, I can give this to the friend I made it for...before she sees this on my blog. Hmm?

Have a great day!


Darla said...

This is a wonderful relative easy gift to make. Thank you so much for sharing...as I look to the right of where I am sitting I see one hanging on my wall that I purchased..and it's not near as pretty as this one!

Mikael@starter home to dream home said...

Thanks for "stopping by" my blog! And thanks for posting how to make one of these. I was wanting to make one of these for the LONGEST TIME!! now I know how :) Cute blog