Sunday, November 8, 2009

Not really MIA

Good evening! I hope you had a great weekend! Not that life every really slows down, but I finally have a moment to type. What have we been doing you ask, well let's see...

First there was a cheerleading competition..

Then there was Halloween...

(sorry the pics are sideways...didn't feel like playing with Photoshop tonight)

Then...we were given a piano (Thank you Rene's mom and aunt!) and had to move it. This thing weighs a TON...according to all the manly men that helped with the move!

(Isn't she beautiful? Rene's mom refinished her. The sound that she makes is angelic! LUV it!!!)

After the cheerleading competition, our team went to the playoffs.

(I really should have taken more pics of her hair. I split her hair into pigtails and then split the pigtails in half. I french-braided the four sections separately from the outside to the middle, then joined them into a ponytail. it looked so cute!!!)

I couldn't leave out the silly pic of moi! Go Lions!!!!

(Don't you just love the wig and the mile long sparkly eyelashes???

I'll be back tomorrow with a post about some of the hubby's fantastic cooking! I think the next post will be about a Christmas surprise I'm making...

Good night!

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