Monday, June 22, 2009

Our trip to Pigeon Forge and an update

Our trip to Pigeon Forge/Dollywood was SO much fun! It was one of those last minute, lets get away decisions. My brother, sister-in-law, and their kids were going and my S-I-L managed to talk me into it. Not that we didn't want to go, but with the upcoming AMTC trip, we didn't want to spend anymore money than we had to. In the end, it was worth it. We all had a blast!

Here is my hubby and daughter waiting in line for the AMAZINGLY yummy food at Dollywood.

Hubby and me waiting in line for the Tennessee Tornado! (Awesome roller coaster!)

After spending all day Saturday at Dollywood, we decided to go into Gatlinburg on Sunday. We rode the Ober Gatlinburg Tram up the mountain. Here is a shot from the tram. Isn't it beautiful?

They have a ice-skating ring there. It was definitely not as easy as when I was a teenager. No, I didn't fall. (almost did a couple times though) Crimson picked it up pretty quickly. It was her first time.

They also have a wildlife area in Ober Gatlinburg. There were 5 black bears, a couple otters, snakes, frogs, etc. The bears were so much fun to watch...and HUGE, up close!

Like I said, it was a blast! The last time we went was about 5 or 6 years ago. Crimson wasn't big enough to ride most of the rides then. This time she could and did ride pretty much everything.
We only have 6 days til we leave for Florida. Crimson's competition starts on the 30th, but we're driving down on the 28th. Please keep us in your prayers, especially Crimson. She will be competing in 9 different competitions...that's a lot for a 10 year old! I am mostly nervous for the singing competition. She has to sing a solo, on a stage, in front of thousands of people! She has sang in front of a crowd before, but not like this.
Hope you have a wonderful week!
EDIT: I forgot the update....the "positive" test I was waiting on...never happened. Guess we'll have to try again next month. Keep those fingers crossed though!

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lilsista said...

Looks like a great time had by all! I never would have guessed it to be like that there! You must not live too far away from there...the unplanned trips are always the best! :0)