Monday, January 12, 2009

Just a few crafts

I have to apologize for the length of time since my last post. My hubby came home last Thursday night and we have been running like crazy since then. I found a few awesome deals at a local antique store and Goodwill, I will post those tomorrow.

Here are a few of my recent crafts...
I know it's after Christmas, but I thought I'd post my wreath. I enjoyed making this. My husband brought the grapevine home from one of his hunting trips. He wound the vine to create the wreath and I decorated it. I was so excited at the end result!
This isn't really a craft, but I love these. I managed to get the candle holders for $12.00 for the set at Home Again Antiques. A local antique store. They were normally $24.00. The candles came from the Dollar Store's after Halloween clearance sale. I paid $2.00 a piece for them. They were normally $8.00 each.
These picture frames were 99 cents at the Goodwill. They were originally gold and white. I drybrushed them a deep chocolate brown. The swag was $1.99 at Goodwill. I added the lavender flowers...much better!
I found this wreath and these frames at Goodwill as well. The frames were 49 cents and the wreath was 99 cents. I drybrused these frames the same chocolate brown. The dark purple flowers were all over the wreath. I cut most of them off and then added the lavender flowers and the mauve bow.
This started as 3 hearts. I added leaves, flowers, and a bow to go along with the other floral arrangements. The frame was 99 cents, also from Goodwill and drybrushed with the chocolate brown paint.

It was fun creating a look for my office. I started with bare cream walls. I couldn't stand it. Now I have wonderful pictures of my family, along with pretty, girlie, floral arrangements. The total costs was around $15.00, including the paint! A year ago, I wouldn' t have stepped foot inside a Goodwill. Now, I go in there trying to find a new project. To all of you out there wishing you could be've got to start somewhere...why not help someone out by shopping at your local Goodwill?

Happy hunting.

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