Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Great Goodwill finds

Here are some AWESOME finds from Goodwill...

The first thing is a jewelry box. It was a whopping $1.99! I think I'll go broke!!! Well...maybe...if I keep shopping there. Those $1.99 things do add up...but that's another topic!
This is a picture of it open. See the 3 layers? I'm going to paint it a creamy white. It's going to be pretty... I'll show the finished product later. (I have a long weekend...Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is Monday...yeah!!) I think I'm going to be busy painting! This pic is of my $0.99 frame and the $0.49 screen. I'm not sure what the screen was for. It had two wooden pieces on it. One on each end. My hubby took the wood pieces off before I could get a pic. Anyway...I'm going to paint the frame and the screen. I think I'll use the creamy white on this as well. After I paint them, I'm going to attach the screen to the back of the frame and put a pretty ribbon on it to hang it. I can just see all my handmade earrings hanging on it. I'll have to post a pic of the necklace hanger my hubby made me. It is SWEEEEEET!
This shelf was 99 cents!!! I bet you're asking if you read that right...you did!!! The white one below was marked for 99 cents, but this maroon one didn't have a price tag. When I got to the register, I told the cashier that it didn't have a price tag. She's like, umm, 99 cents! Iwas thrilled!!!
This white and green shelf was $3.99. I know, I know...why $3.99 when the other one was 99 cents? Well, I technically bought this on a different day, but since I bought the other ones to match it, I thought I'd go ahead and post it. Still...$3.99 is AWESOME!!! I can only imagine what these 3 shelves would have cost me at a normal store???? No, don't think I want to imagine.
These 3 shelves will be painted to match my daughter's room. However...we have to paint the room, buy the bedding, make other decorations, ya da, ya da...so, I'm going to wait a while to paint them.
The cream shelf above, is out of order. This pic was supposed to be below the maroon one, but I'm still learning this blogging thing. Anyway, this one was 99 cents too!!!!
This shelf was $3.99 and also bought on a different day. The same day as the green and white shelf. It's going to be painted white or creamy white and go up in my kitchen. Maybe some pretty plates will sit proudly on it??? By the way, I finally put some of my blue and white transferware plates up in my kitchen. I also won salt and pepper shakers, off ebay, from the same collection. Maybe that will be tomorrow's post. Until then...here's hoping you have a magnificient night!!!!


Grand Occasions said...

Looks like you'll have plenty to keep you busy! Have fun, can't wait to see the finished product.

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Don't you just love the treasure hunt. It will be fun to see what you so with them.