Monday, January 5, 2009

I love After Christmas sales!!!!

Look at the amazing Christmas ornaments and decorations I picked up at Wal-mart this weekend. Everything was 75% off! 

This huge box of 100 ornaments was normally $70.00. I got it for $17.50! That's only 17.5 cents per ornament!!!! The purple ornaments were only $1.25 a box. All the picks and garland were $0.75 cents!

I am counting down the days until next Christmas! I will finally get to have a purple and silver tree. My hubby usually doesn't like "girlie" colors on the tree, but since everything was so inexpensive...he saw it my way!!!

Speaking of the hubby. I am missing him right now! He had to go away on a business trip! I am very thankful he has a job, but still wish he didn't have to leave. With the icy roads, I am praying for him to stay safe and make it home soon! Please keep him in your thoughts.

Tomorrow, I'll post a picture of the chair I found at a consignment shop for $4.oo!!!

Happy Blogging!!!

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Grand Occasions said...

That's my kind of shopping! It's all about the hunt!