Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rosette tutorial

After posting the rosette lamp and a few other rosette crafts, I had a friend ask...how do you make those rosettes? There are quite a few tutorials out there and many ways to make them, but this is my version.

First gather your supplies: 
1 to 2 inch wide strips of fabric. The length is dependent on how large you want your rosette to be. I tend to start with 10" long strips and can add additional strips as I need them. (20 inches long, will make about a 2 inch diameter rosette), needle, and thread. 
If you plan to attach to a head band or alligator clip you will need the head band or clip, a piece of felt and hot glue

You will notice that the fabric strips do not have to be exactly the same size. Also, I like the way the frayed edges look. If you prefer a more finished look you could stitch the sections and turn them to make the seam hidden and all finished sides.

Begin by tying one end into a knot. It can be loose or tight depending on how you want your rosette to look. I like the way it looks when I start with a loose knot. Play with it until you find what you prefer.

Start your stitches. I run one stitch through the knot and then start twisting my fabric around the knot.

Twist as you go and wrap around the original knot. 

(Forgive the nails. I gave up on manicures when I started taking prenatal vitamins. I'd have to get a manicure once a week to keep up with these crazy growing things!)

Continue twisting and wrapping. Remember to add a stitch every so often. The more stiches, the sturdier your rosette. If you plan to use as a hairbow or on a headband, you will definitely want to use extra stiches. If you plan to attach to something more permanent, you can get a way with less.

Here is the rosette after about 20 inches of fabric. I could stop here, but I want to make it a little larger.

This is after another 10 inches. Looks good to me.

It looks so pretty attached to a baby crocheted headband.

But, it can easily be made into a hairclip. Just cut a circle of felt, a little smaller than the rosette.

Put a good amount of hot glue on the felt and stick on your rosette. Attach your alligator clip with hot glue and you have a cute hairbow.

If you want to attach to an adult style headband, you would attach the felt the same way, then attach to the headband. Using another piece of felt and a little more hot glue you would attach the 2 pieces of felt over the headband. (Sorry didn't have one here to show you)

Let me know if you have any questions or need more explanation.

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