Thursday, February 11, 2010


Hello all!

I'm still stuck in bed, with my leg up on a pillow. The doctor changed my prescription to a different pain killer. After a couple days on the new meds, I'm doing okay. I'll go back for a follow-up appointment on the 17th and then hopefully they will schedule my next surgery. I'll keep you posted.

My daughter has been out of school for 3 days this week. Monday afternoon it started snowing and 4 inches later it stopped. I still have snow in my yard. Hopefully, she'll go back to school tomorrow. The school system built 13 extra days into the regular year. The kids have used all but one of those days. If they have to miss more than one more day this year, they will have to go extra days in the summer. We're keeping our fingers crossed that they don't miss anymore.

I found an awesome idea for Valentine's on the Nanny Goat blog. Crimson loved the idea, so we had to make our own. What do you think???

I used Picnik to add the words and then just uploaded it to Walmart's photo department to print it through the one-hour photo option. Once the photos are ready, we'll use my X-acto knife to cut a slit at the top and bottom of her hand and slip a Blow-Pop or some other type of lollipop in the slits. It will look like she's holding it. Click on the Nanny Goat link above to see their version and a finished version.

I think it turned out great!!!

Since I'm still not able to stay up for long periods of time, I may not be back on here until after Valentine's Day, so I'm wishing you a Happy Valentine's day now! I hope you and your loved ones have an amazing day!!! 

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bj said...

O, honey...this is waaay cute. What a smart's gonna look so cute with your hand offering a sucker.
Hope the leg is better....
xo bj