Monday, January 4, 2010

She got it!

If you haven't met my she is:

My gorgeous baby girl (I know, I'm partial) makes me proud everyday of her life. The smallest things she does makes me happy and her smile can make a whole room light up. So, when I say I'm proud of her for this, I don't want to take away from anything else she does...but....

She was booked for the A&W Restaurant commercial!!!

We're so excited for her! She goes in this afternoon for the "talent fitting" and then back on Wednesday for the actual shoot date. It's going to be a national commercial and they don't know how many seasons it's going to run. I'll let you know the air date as soon as I know. It's also going to be on the internet, so I'll post a link once it's up.

In other news...

**Our computer is back up and running, but I still have to install a few programs in order to blog again. (I'm on my lunch break at work right now.)

**It's frigid here in middle Tennessee!!! It was 9 degrees when I got up this morning!!! It's not supposed to get above 32 degrees for the rest of the week!! This royally sucks, because we live in an old house! Yesterday, we woke up to frozen hot water. Not frozen cold water, just hot water. (and no, it's not the water heater) It was crazy! The cold water line going into my washing machine was froze, but the cold water in the rest of the house worked just fine! Even the dishwasher, that is on the other side of the wall from the washing machine, worked just fine! Luckily, my in-laws live just over a block down the street, so we were able to take showers. About five minutes after I got up this morning the power to the whole house went out! With the hot water still frozen, I was ready to cry. My hubby messed around with the breaker box for a little while and it finally came back on. He said that the main breaker had overheated due to the load our heating and air unit was pulling. I don't understand a whole lot about how electricity works, but it's back on now so I don't have to cry! Now, if only the hot water lines would thaw.....

**I took a bunch of pics with my Christmas present. They were all of my darling daughter. I'll post a few soon, but for now...this is what he gave me:

It's a SUH-WEET Canon 20D with an 18-55 mm lens. LUV it!
My photographer/writer sister-in-law has one, so when I got ready to have a bigger better camera, I had to get one like hers. Speaking of the S-I-L, she started a blog recently. It's about her journey to being a published author. Go check out her blog and give her some bloggy love!!!

I guess that's all for now. I hope you all had a wonderful New Year's and that 2010 will be an amazing year for you! I know it will for us!

Happy Monday!


Jamie said...

Yeah baby, I knew she could do it! I'm so proud of my niece. Oh yes I'm going to make sure to shout it loud and proud.

Bull Rhino said...

She is beautiful and a HEARTY congrats goes out to her and you. Also congrats on your new toy you got for Christmas. hope to see more great photos from it.

I just stopped by to say "Hi" since you are one of the followers of my Photography blog. I hope it's not too late to wish you a fantastic 2010!


Erin A said...

Wow, she IS a beauty!! Congrats to her and you guys!! PS-I have the same camera, love love love. Enjoy!

Grand Occasions said...

Congratulations and Happy New Year!! I've been trying forever to start blogging again, but I don't have an extra minute these days. Business is booming and that's a blessing. I hope I get to see the commercial. I don't have time for t.v. either, but if it airs here maybe I'll catch a glimpse. Hope all is well at your home.