Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dining Room Table Refab

I finally managed to get my dining room table finished. She was a doozy!!! (sp?)

Here's the before pic. I actually bought her last October/November. I can't remember exactly, but I can tell you exactly how I felt when I saw her. My dad used to have an antique table pretty much exactly like this. It was in storage in an old house on our property. Unfortunately, lightening hit the house and it burned down.  Of all the things that were in the house, the table was the one thing he continued to talk about, years later. When I walked into Home Again Antiques and saw this gorgeous table with 4 chairs, I had to have it. I was literally crying because I knew it was the same table.

Since we bought it before my bloggy days, we didn't take the true before picture with the awful paint job. This is after we scrapped all the paint off and puttied the areas that were not smooth. Hubby did all the scapping and puttying for me. I gave her a nice sanding after he was done.

So this is the before, but not the true before shot:

Here you can see the BEAUTIFUL legs.

I just LUV all the curves.

The way they used to make rounded areas, is funny to me. They put these little wooden "caps" on it and then rounded them down. So strange. Why couldn't they just turn that section of the wood the same way they did the other parts? Guess I'll never know.

The chairs that went with the table did not burn down. We were using another kitchen table, but still using the chairs to the old table. I think one of the legs to the original table was broken, so Daddy got us a new one.  Here is a pic of the chairs I grew up using.

and a better pic of the scroll work

I used KILZ water-based primer. I hate HATE hAtE oil-based paints! They are a PAIN in the neck to clean up.

She's primed and ready to go...

Another primed shot

First coat of paint

Drum roll please......Ta da!
(about 4 coats of paint later)

Isn't she marvelous?!?!
I so LUV her!!!

These are three of the chairs I bought with the table. This paint job is similar to what the table looked like. Plain white and really chippy. (Not the good kind of chippy)

I used some kind of "super industrial strength" stripper to get the paint off. I would tell you the brand name, but I'm not too happy with it. If you want to know, message me.

Certain areas bubbled up, but most of it didn't. I tried scrapping the bubbled up areas and it became a gooey mess!!! When I finally get all the paint scrapped off...and repaint them, I'll do another post.

For now...they look like this:

This is just a teaser for another post....

Eagan Multipanel Mirror, 45 x 55, Bronze finish

I love this Pottery Barn Mirror, but can't afford to shell out $699.00 for it.
I'm thinking this might work...

Stay tuned to find out!!!


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